Featured YP of the Month: Phillip Tau

Name, Title, Company Name
Phillip TauPhillip Tau
Business Development Manager- Cornerstone Information Systems.
Executive Director – RunUp Labs

What do you do at your job? What do you like most?
Cornerstone – I bring other companies’ technology and functionality into our travel platform for our travel agent customers to sell more travel and service travelers.
Best Part: Cornerstone is a reputable and respected name throughout the industry which helps make my job a lot easier.

RunUp Labs – I recruit travel startups to apply for our accelerator program and spread the good word of RunUp to the masses.
Best Part: I use to run a startup myself so being back in the world of startups is exciting and refreshing.

Where are you from?
Born in Lexington, KY but raised around Houston, Texas.

What brought you to Bloomington? How long have you lived here?
Cornerstone. Since Little 5 2014 weekend.

Why are you involved in hYPe?
Bloomington is not the easiest place to meet people if you are not involved with IU so hYPe was the next logical place.

What are your favorite things about Bloomington?
Every seasonal change except for Winter, there are no seasons in Texas, only hot and hotter.

What are your hobbies?
Soccer and saxophone.

Advice for fellow YPs trying to get involved?
Be like Nike – Just Do It.

Contact information:

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